Science is a way to focus on the physicality of the world and our position in it. This empirical mindset has given me an objective way to think about materials and how their various combinations make up our reality. What are the different ways of understanding the world? How does enigma of objects function in reality? How does the appearance of time shift the value of objects? These questions are central to my research as my practice shifts from chemical engineering to the art practices, also from objective view to one which seeks the subjective.


My works begin with a constructed system of objects and combinations that show the idea of how different objects and materials build up the world. My following practices return to make a thing that function as self-speaking, self-containing and self-presenting. I incorporate symbols from different traditions in my work as a method to access highly abstract physical or psychological phenomena that are used to represent the most important features of mortal questions. Recently, my work has been invested in world making theory, existential literature, absurdism and enigma. While my artistic practice is catalyzed by historical fact, it seeks to go beyond this mode of comprehension to engage speculative ways of understanding both the past and the future. Embracing the enigmatic character as a part of the nature of things, I could understand myself through projecting my limitation of perception and knowledge onto the objects that I create as a world making practice.


As a strategy for starting new projects, I usually reach out of art discourse to find different subjects that I’m interested in, mainly working with Egyptology, history, philosophy and quantum physics. Bringing those fragments of knowledge back to art making, my work will demonstrate the complexity of those elements. Through the process of injecting new knowledge, I expend the limitations of my studio practice through both figurative and literal collaboration. I could see my work and research becoming a path or a method that constructs my history, my enigma and myself.